Linux: Test a SOAP web service using curl

Curl is a linux command-line HTTP tool.

Sample SOAP Message:

Sample curl command to transmit SOAP message to a SOAP service (with –data curl will automatically POST):

replace $HOSTNAME,$PORT and $SOMEPATH below

4 thoughts on “Linux: Test a SOAP web service using curl

  1. Vijeth

    Just to test whether a webservice is up and running, can we not use just the following command, rather to create a new sample.xml file?

    curl -d “String to post” “”

    1. Lance Post author

      Hey Vijeth! Thanks for the reply. For SOAP services, we have to supply a SOAP envelope. We could try to escape it all into a command line string, but I find this to be much more readable. I have a different post for REST services where I do use curl -d “String to post”.


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