CentOS 6: Install IntelliJ IDEA


  1. CentOS 6.5 x86_64
  2. Oracle Java JDK 1.7
  3. IntelliJ IDEA Community 13.1.4


replace $VERSION below with the latest version of IntelliJ IDEA. After extraction, replace $BUILD with the build number located on the directory named idea-IC-$BUILD.

Download latest version of IntelliJ IDEA, extract and put in /usr/lib (file names vary with version number):



  1. Add to /usr/bin:

    Typically, I need more memory for the JVM that runs IntelliJ IDEA. Edit /usr/lib/idea/bin/idea.vmoptions and change the following lines:

    Repeat the same edits above for /usr/lib/idea/bin/idea64.vmoptions

  2. Raise the inotify limit of watchable directories from 7k to a higher value, such as 512k, edit /etc/sysctl.conf

    Apply the change without reboot:


Start it up:



2 thoughts on “CentOS 6: Install IntelliJ IDEA

  1. Riobe

    Thank you so much for this. As a new Linux user this is a super useful look into how to go from *.tar.gz into an installed application which I’ve been looking for.


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